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Hawaii Island – Scuba Diving (Day 4 + 6)

May 11, 2016

I was excited to learn that there are some great beach dive spots on the Big Island, as I always get sea sick on boats.  Last time we went on a scuba diving trip in the Florida Keys and I took bonine plus chewed ginger before and on the boat, and still got nauseous (and provided food for the reef fish). I wanted to get a dive guide for our first trip on the island, as I think it’s easier to follow a guide who knows where the reef is. However, the guy was not available on the day we wanted to go and the dive shop was very helpful in explaining us in detail where the good spots are. Also, Ulli always prefer to self explore than go with anyone else. So we rented our gear at Kohala Divers (recommended) and went to the beach dive spot in Puako. As I didn’t dive for a few months, we took our time with setting up our gear and not going too deep. It felt good to be in the warm waters (in California I usually wear a thick full wetsuit plus hoodie) and it was also pretty calm. On our first dive we explored the beginning of the reef. As it was such a positive experience, we rented the gear again on Day 5 and went back to the same dive spot. That time we actually went further out and found the lava tubes – amazing to dive through there! Unfortunately, we had the wrong filter & lens on our gopro camera, so none of our video reflects the underwater beauty. Later that day we went to Hapuna Beach for some more snorkeling (I became a fish on this trip) and I filmed with my iphone – at least I got some nice memories from my sea turtle friends (Honu). I went snorkeling every morning at the resort, where they were 3 turtles at home. They are so peaceful and gentle when they swim. It was very important for me to never get too close to them, even though they seemed not afraid.

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