New Years 2017/2018 in Las Vegas

January 15, 2018

If you ever want to have a true New Years Eve party there’s only one place: Las Vegas. Amazing hotels, world class entertainment, biggest music artists, fanciest restaurants and of courses several spectacular fireworks – all in one place in one night. Yes, you have to use superlatives to describe this city.

We came back from our Christmas trip in Germany, unpacked our bags from winter clothes and filled them with (party) outfits and headed to the airport the next day. What a breeze it is to fly 45min from Orange County to Las Vegas! The drive is usually 4-5 hours but over weekends and holidays can take up to 8hours!!!

We chose the Mandarin Oriental as our hotel for this stay…which is one of my favorites on the strip (see my previous post). First of all, it’s right in the middle of everything on the Strip and also right at the bustling City Center.  The hotel is Asian inspired and is one of the few that doesn’t have a casino. The lobby is on the 23rd floor and guarantees some awesome views. Plus the customer service is truly superb! However, more important for this holiday it also gives you some privacy especially on a crazy NYE night.

What I loved most about this New Years Eve trip to Vegas:

#5 Drybar at Cosmopolitan

This was my first time going to Drybar salon. They have them all over the US and they are specialized on only doing blowouts. I went to the Drybar at the Cosmopolitan – which is brand new and it was such a fun time! It’s nothing like your average hair salon. There was a DJ playing, the hostess was serving complimentary drinks and the hair stylists were sweet and creating beautiful & unique hairstyles. Also their products smell amazing!!! I didn’t want to wash my hair the next day as it still smelled so good 🙂

#4 Afternoon Tea at Mandarin Oriental

Ulli surprised me with a reservation at the Tea Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The zen-like retreat overlooks the Las Vegas Boulevard and gives you beautiful views on the sparkling lights of Las Vegas while savoring on freshly brewed loose leaf tea and delicious delicacies. Very calming surroundings and great way to connect with your loved one(s).


#3 Gym at Mandarin Oriental

I mentioned it in my previous post but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gym!! New equipment, spacious and the view on the Las Vegas Strip. I rather spent all day in here then playing in the (stinky) casinos. 🙂

#2 Chatter with Kristin Chenoweth

After our New Years party we went back up the elevator to our room and another couple joined us. I complimented the lady’s black and sparkling boots and how she can walk in them all night. That started our conversation about shoes and other girl talk. Then we switched to another elevator and I told Ulli “I think this is Kristin Chenoweth” (I love broadway :-)) So when we got into the other elevator together I said “I don’t want to bother you, but aren’t you…?” She laughed and before I could finish said “Yes, thats me” I said “Oh I was thinking when I talked to you…I love broadway…” I stuttered along and she said “And I was thinking that I love your hair” (I had to write it down so I wouldn’t forget she said that) We wished them both a Happy New Year and when they got out she told her partner “what a sweet girl” (did she mean me, really?!) OH I was in heaven! Such a amiable, down to earth and kind hearted actress. Love her even more now.

#1 Foo Fighters concert

I’m kind of late to the party – as I just got into the Foo Fighters when we met Taylor Hawkins at our local bike shop in Laguna Beach. I didn’t realize how many of my favorite songs where actually from the Foo Fighters. So when we planned our NYE in Vegas I was stoked to find out that they do a show that night. Tickets where expensive – but SO worth it! What a party and way to celebrate with them into 2018! It was a 2 hour non-stop show and I jumped the entire time (glad I switched to comfy shoes :-)). My favorite New Years Eve E.V.E.R. !!!

What did you do this New Years Eve? Love to hear where you’ve been and what your New Years resolution may be?! 

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