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The Body Book

September 7, 2016

I just finished reading the Body Book by Cameron Diaz. It’s been out for a while, but I’m usually not a fan of “healthy books” by celebrities. I always like to learn about nutrition and other people’s views on healthy eating, so I thought I give it a shot. I was surprised – it has some great information and scientific facts. It’s also very easy to read – it’s written as if she was talking to the reader as your girlfriend, not a scientist or teacher. She talks about changing her diet from junk food to a wholesome, nutritious diet. She always has been skinny and beautiful (at least from the outside), but changing her diet made her body strong, her skin healthy and gave her more energy every day. The book also discusses mental health and how to live a happier life. Her latest book is “The Longevity Book” – has anyone read it? I would love to hear any other book recommendations about nutrition & health.

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