Tokyo Here we come! (Arrival)

April 9, 2017

After a 12 hour flight from LAX we had a smooth arrival in Japan and speedy process through immigration and customs. We took a taxi from the airport to our hotel. Our taxi driver didn’t speak English and couldn’t read our hotel in English either, so glad we had also saved it in Japanese writing on my phone.

After a quick 20 minute ride we arrived at our hotel “The Strings by Intercontinental” which is located in Shingawa (business district). Our hotel is in an office skyscraper and the lobby on the 26th floor. When you enter the hotel you’re immediately charmed by their signature scent. Due to my work in the travel industry, my expectations for service and hotel standards is pretty high – but I’ve never experienced such an overly friendly check-in (and without any tipping expected). Our room is on the top floor and is very spacious – esp. considering how little space there is here. My highlight in our room is the view over the entire city incl. Tokyo Tower and the bathroom. It’s a small steam room with shower & bathtub – I want one of those at home! Also, my first experience with TOTO : seated heats, music and some special water – all coming from a toilet. Another one I want at home 😊 The gym is on the 26th floor with sensational views on the city and Shinagawa train station…you WANT to work out here!

After refreshing in our room we explored the area around the hotel, which is conveniently located at Shinagawa subway station…a very very big one that is (over one million people cross at the station each day – we would find out more during the week). There is an entire food court level incl. Dean & Deluca, Blue Bottle coffee and other farmers market style restaurants (you wouldn’t think this is a train station). We wanted some Japanese food so stopped in a small place where we had to place the order at a machine, then you get a ticket and give this to the lady in the kitchen who will prepare your food. We also discovered these tiny streets, only fitting 1 person through with sushi restaurants left and right. We went into one and my highlight was salmon in miso and vegetables cooked in aluminum foil. The one thing I didn’t pay attention to: smoking was allowed in this restaurant. We discovered that they have signs outside if smoking is allowed or not – so we paid attention on the other days. Great start to our vacation in Tokyo!


Some new things learnt today….

  • Facemasks are a thing here….not sure if it’s just for health reasons or pollution – but with that many people around all the time, I’m all for it
  • Nodding and bowing instead of shaking hands – also a thing I could get used to (esp. me being a germaphobe)
  • No trash cans anywhere: I read up on this and it started after a terrorist attack when they removed all trash cans from subway stations. It also causes people to produce less waste (yeah I know you would think more litter – but it’s the opposite, as they don’t know where to put the trash so they look after it more)
  • Don’t eat/drink while walking or on the subway: If you buy a snack you eat it right there (give them back your trash) and continue walking


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