Tokyo: Shinjuku Garden, Samurai Museum, Harajuko & Omotesando (Day 5)

May 17, 2017

We started the day at 5:30am with a work out in our scenic hotel gym overlooking the city. I could spend hours in this gym! I also went to the steam sauna after our work out – couldn’t think of a better start in the day!


On our agenda for the morning was a visit to Shinjuku Gardens – which has three different landscape gardens: Japanese, French and English. This park was my favorite one to see the cherry blossom trees as it was less crowded and they had different colored trees along with the Japanese trees – looked especially beautiful. We spent the morning walking around, taking pictures and a little picnic on the grass. I really loved it!


Our next stop was the Samurai Museum…which was a smaller museum but is definitely worth the visit. The tourguide made the tour really interesting and you even get to try on the samurai uniform at the end (heavy!).

We walked around the neighborhood and had lunch at a place where they only served skewers – either fish or meat. We had a mix of 6 different skewers chargrilled and served with miso soup, salad and rice. Very nice! 😊 It’s too bad I can’t remember all the names of the restaurants we went to as they usually don’t have “English names” outside and I can’t read Japanese. So we will never find them again – but there are so many to choose from you can’t really go wrong with any of them.


In the afternoon we went to walk around in the Harajuko neighborhood which has a very urban / hip vibe with lots of individual boutiques, barber shops and trendy restaurants. We even came across the Deus Ex Machina Tokyo shop (which we also have in LA) – such a cool motorcycle shop that even I enjoy spending time in (it has that laid back surfer vibe).

Ulli found this very special coffee place (hidden on the 2nd floor) called Reissue that serves a one-of-a kind latte/cappuccino. The artist creates whatever image / photo you show them (on your phone) as a 2D or 3D image in your coffee mug. It’s incredible. Of course I wanted a dog – so I got the cutest 3D dog in my cappuccino. I thought Tokyo would have the best sushi places, but I found out the coffee places are the true secret in this city. This was definitely my favorite food experience 😊.


From there it was an easy walk to Omotesando – which is a street similar to Champs Elysee with high end shops such as Luis Vitton, Chanel and also Apple, Nike and unique department stores like La Foret and Tokyu Plaza. Make sure to check out the Omohara Forest which is on the roof top of Tokyu Plaza (next to Starbucks). Great views on the city and haven for relaxation. It was the ideal ending to our last day in Tokyo!


We walked a full marathon in 5 days!

Some new things learnt today… 

  • Never mix rice with your food. Japanese love to separate their food and put it in bento boxes. The grocery stores are neatly organized – all fruits turned in one direction. What I didn’t understand is why they wrap so much in plastic – even the fruits are wrapped individually. 
  • We saw the first homeless person today. We were wondering that there are nowhere drunk, drug addicts or homeless people anywhere (none in the subway or anywhere we walked) Still one homeless person in one of the biggest cities in the world is still astonishing
  • I own a restaurant in Tokyo! Ok not 100% true…Someone named a restaurant after me…. Ok maybe also not 100% true….Someone thought ROMMY would be the perfect name for their restaurant & I found it…100% true 🙂

And of course one last day to find our favorite “beige trenchcoat”…time to choose one:


Besides the beige coat, cats where also a reoccurring favorite in fashion in every store:


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